This is Victory

Victory Church was born from a vision to build a powerful and honest church in the Brazos Valley that ministered to people where they were while staying true to the Word of God. Victory Church was started on June 3, 2001 in the living room of Pastor Keith Castleberry and his family. Lacie was 11 years old, Ethan was 10, and Camille was 5. Within a few weeks of starting, Victory moved into an office building and then about 18 months later moved into a store front. The real growth began when Victory Church was blessed with a "Church-in-a-day" on March 18th, 2005. Within 6 months the church had grown to the point that it needed to be added onto. A few months later we had to add on to the building again for some education rooms. The building hasn't stopped really, in 2008 a new sanctuary was built that will seat 350 people and in 2014 another 5000 square feet of education facilities was added. With God's help, the Castleberry family and those that God sent to help continue to work together to build Victory into a place of powerful worship services, youthful zeal, eager progress, godly order, and spiritual discipline.

Since it's founding Victory Church has helped start two daughter works (one in the Spanish community in Bryan) and we continue to growth in as a multicultural hub of Spiritual development. We remain a very mixed culture and age church with the average age around 26. Many of our original families remain a vital part of Victory Church, with our children growing to become strong and productive citizens in the church. The Castleberry family has changed and their children have grown (Lacie has since gotten married to Nick Followwell and moved away, Ethan went into the Army (served one tour in Iraq), got married to Olivia and graduated Texas Bible College in May of 2016 and now Camille is attending Texas Bible College), but Victory Church keeps moving forward.

Though many things have changed, our goal remains the same: build a strong church for the glory of God in the Brazos Valley that is second to none. Based entirely on the Word of God, we want to see the church restored in the eyes of the world to the place it is supposed to be, a place of refuge, a place of healing, a place of growth, and a place of life. With the help of God and some very talented people, that goal is within reach.