Ladies' Ministry
Department Director: Melissa Castleberry

The Ladies of Victory Church have been a powerful and critical part of Victory Church from day one. Not only did Pastor Castleberry lean hard on his wife during those early days as a help meet and support, but Victory Church leans hard on all of the ladies who have held such an important role in ministry. As you can expect, Victory Ladies make up a great part of our education department, our music department, our hospitality teams, etc... The ladies' desire and availability to be used at Victory Church has made them vital to the past, present and future of our church!

The ladies of Victory help create an atmosphere of excellence that challenges each of us to be all that we can for the sake of the kingdom. The ladies of Victory Church bring quality taste to banquets, weddings, conferences, and almost everything else we do. The Ladies ministry is built upon great relationships that serve one another and others. 



  December 2019  
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