Keith Castleberry

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Keith and Melissa Castleberry have been married since October of 1988 and have three children, Lacie, Ethan and Camille. Each of their children grew up working and worshipping in the church, and in 2001 they helped plant Victory Church. Since that time the Castleberry's have endeavored to create an environment of love, peace and excellence based on the worship of Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. Pastor Castleberry is a constant learner and student of the Word and under the influence of his family, he has been involved in the business world most of his adult life, and in fact he started and operated an air conditioning business to support the family when they planted Victory Church. After going through trade school for Air Conditioning, Pastor Castleberry continued to studied Real Estate, Business Management, Theology and now has a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Counseling to better lead and guide the people of Victory. It is his desire to see Victory Church become a great and mighty church, the church that God desires it to be. The motto of Pastor Castleberry continues to be very simple; "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you". Matthew 6:33

The Castleberrys remain the best of friends, relying on each other in all aspects of life. Melissa continues to be the strong and wise wife, mother, advocate, confidant and friend that her family, her husband and her church has always needed over the years. With three granddaughters the fun is just beginning. Though many things have changed in both of their lives, one thing remains constant, and that is their passion for the unadulterated and undiluted Word of Truth and to lead Victory Church into the Spirit of God. By doing the Will and Work of God and remaining in the Word and Ways of God all things are possible!

  December 2019  
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