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Wayne & Trina Evans

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The Evans began their journey together on June 14, 2008. After losing both of their spouses, they each stayed faithful to Christ but lived a very lonely life of being single several years before meeting one another.  They met in Texas, got married, and lived in California for 3 ½ years before God miraculously moved them back to Texas in the Bryan-College Station area in October of 2010.  Both have experienced numerous and traumatic losses but have always depended upon the Lord to help them pick up the pieces and move on to a productive and happy life serving, loving, and working for Jesus and HIS kingdom.  Together, they have 3 children and 11 grandchildren, all of whom are living for the Lord and serving in the ministry of Christ in different capacities.  Although Wayne and Trina each have a college degree, their “calling” has always been and will always be to enhance the body of Christ through the ministries of the church in whatever capacity needed.  Throughout their journey in living for the Lord, they have ministered and worked with the homeless, the orphaned, the addicted, the abandoned, the single parent, and now in the ministry of the young married's group called B.O.L.T., Building Our Lives Together. 

Our goal for our B.O.L.T. couples is to reinforce Biblical principals set forth in the Word of God: to be in harmony of one mind anchored in Jesus Christ ever looking to HIM for direction, reproof and instruction in spirit and in truth in their role of a husband, a wife, a parent, and a harmonious family unit within a unified body of Christ.  If you or your spouse are 35 years old and under and have been married seven (7) years or less, we welcome you to connect with our B.O.L.T. group. 
Regardless of your stance in life, we hope and pray that you will join us at Victory church as we live for and worship our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST, in the unity of HIS Spirit.  Our pastor, Bro. Keith Castleberry, his family, and we at Victory welcome YOU.
May God overshadow you with HIS presence!
Wayne and Trina Evans
   October 2018   
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