Music Minister: Caleb Coppinger

 Victory Church Choir

Victory Church has been blessed with an amazing amount of talent in our music department. We always strive to glorify God with everything we have through quality singing and music that place an emphasis on true worship! We have set the bar high and continue to push harder for better. Through the talent of each musician and singer we arrive in an arena of worship, setting us up to have the Lord move in and through us. Throughout each year we are blessed to host live concerts, hear an anointed choir and listen to some of the most amazing praise singing.

In May 2011 Caleb Coppinger took over as music minister. He began at a very young age to play drums and sing. Through the years he picked up the bass guitar, and the piano and works continually to get better. He also loves to preach the word of God, and living his life for the Lord to the fullest. His talent combined with a host of talented musicians and singers creates a powerful combination.

Music Director: Caleb Coppinger                              

Choir Director: Caleb Coppinger

Choir Conductor: Latonya Button

Choir and Praise Team Section Leaders: Sopranos- Heather Strawn, Altos- Melissa Castleberry, Tenors- Warren Hardin, Musicians- Caleb Coppinger


Jammin' for the Lord at the fall fest!         


Bro. Coppinger singing about the birth of Jesus at the 2014 Christmas concert.

Victory Choir singing with the anointing during the Christmas concert.

The man that makes us sound so good!

Victory Church musicians worshiping the Lord with their instruments! 

Victory Band at their best... Praising the Lord.



  December 2017  
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